The Benefits of Traveling Around the World 

Only traveling can give you a heightened awareness of other cultures and the opportunity to explore different landscapes and cities. Travel allows you to exercise your curiosity and for some, it’s helped them escape the average 9 to 5 routine. Embarking upon the life of a world traveler begins with the decision that you take today and cultivate over your lifetime. What are the great benefits of becoming a world traveler?

You get the chance to renew your creativity by looking at life from a different angle.

You collect inspiring memories. Isn’t that what life is about, after all?

Traveling doesn’t end when you step off the plane back home - each experience permanently changes you.

Using Travel to Think Outside the Box:
Going around the world can be a traditional vacation, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, people use travel as a way to pursue their hobbies and vocations. Some people travel through international organizations that offer community support and aid. They build homes, bring education, form local partnerships. Others use travel for educational purposes: they conduct research abroad, exchange ideas with other professionals, and bring that expertise back home.

For others, travel has given them the opportunity to pursue other passions. Whether its exploring ruins, natural wildlife and flora, or works of art. Many people have embraced travel writing, photography, ecotourism, and culinary tours. The point is that travel is so flexible that it needn’t be confined to staying at a hotel and only visiting popular destinations. Travel can be whatever you want it to be.

Want to Become a World Traveler? Here’s Where to Start:

If you want to become a seasoned traveler, then its important to get some solid advice under your belt. Where you can acquire this knowledge will be partly based on experience and partly on expert advice. Before going to any country, it’s crucial that you collect as many of the following as possible:

Travel Guide and Money-Saving Tips

Travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are plenty of books that offer advice to beginner travelers on where to get the best deal on airfare and how to spend your money wisely when you get there. Many travel guides, in addition to giving you an overview of the best things to see and places to go, can give you an idea of the going rate of food or drinks in your destination. Guides like Fodor’s and Frommer’s are especially well-known and respected. Fodor’s in particular, is written by locals, so you’ll know the information is accurate.

When it comes to saving money and knowing where to go, many travel guides also offer advice for accommodations. You’d be surprised to know that some of the most popular accommodations aren’t hotels at all, but small bed and breakfasts operated by locals. In fact, many travelers prefer these types of accommodations because they offer more intimacy, a chance to interact with the culture, and more value for the money. While travel guides usually offer suggestions, you can also go to discount websites to find these kinds of lodgings.

Research of the Country or City

There are always questions that travel guides cannot answer. For instance, you may want to know the latest updates regarding the required documentation or paperwork for the country you are visiting. Some countries, such as Russia, require visitors to get an HIV test before entering the country. Understanding what’s required can save you a last-minute rush to get your trip prepared. Thus, visiting the country’s official website or getting information from their embassy website are both good places to start.

Notable Countries to Visit: The Under-Explored Nordic Countries

While Paris and London are great destinations, there are other places in the Northern Atlantic region of Europe (the Scandinavian countries) worth exploring. What’s more, countries like Sweden, Finland, and Norway (to name only three) were named “best governed” by The Economist in 2013.

Sweden. Sweden’s location between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia make it a gorgeous place to visit. If you want a fast and trendy vibe, Stockholm is the place to go. There you’ll find the renown open-air museum, Skansen, and the Stockholm Royal Palace. Visitors who want a more quiet and picturesque location can go to Visby in Gotland, with its olden, colorful houses and its view of the sea.

Norway. Norway is a country of staggering natural beauty. If you’re an outdoor type, you’ll find pristine lakes and islands that are ideal for cycling, hiking, canoeing, or just standing and admiring the vast horizon atop a cliff. Some popular places to visit are Velmunden in Eastern Norway, where you’ll encounter old Finnish settlements from 400 years ago and the well-known Rallarvegen cycling route that takes you through commanding waterfalls. For a taste of history, many visitors hop to the old sailing town of Skudeneshavn, with its 1850s white, wooden houses. For more information regarding the interesting region of Stavanger in Norway visit this site with information on Stavanger. This one is also good for the neighbouring city of Sandnes: Both of them provide information of the regions, their history, developments, population, places to see and business in the regions.

Denmark. Denmark has a lot to offer in terms of culture and beautiful architecture. You can find imposing castles, such as the majestic Kronborg Castle in the island of Zealand. In addition to its beauty, Kronborg is also the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A visit to Denmark is also not complete without stopping by the capital, Copenhagen, which boasts of the beautiful Tivoli Gardens (a famous amusement park), and the old port town of Nyhavn, which is today a pleasant place to dine and admire the rows of colorful houses on the water’s edge.

Finland. Finland has countless museums, such as the Siida, which offers a view of traditional Sami culture and the country’s natural history; and the famous Arktikum, with its glass tunnel that connects two separate parts of the museum. The Vanha Rauma neighborhood offers visitors a taste of local life and culture with its artisanal cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Lastly, you can experience an authentic Finnish sauna by visiting Jätkänkämppa smoke sauna near Kuopio.

Whether you’re traveling out of the country for the first time, or simply want to expand your travel vitae, you’ll see first-hand how travel can become addictive. As you meet and connect with new people, you’ll love how much you have in common with your global neighbors. Travel has become simpler and cheaper, and embarking on a life-changing journey should be on everyone’s bucket list.